Drop off

Located just off Blue and Grey Pkwy, Route 3, between Lafayette Blvd and Dixon St, Route 2, Summit Recycling’s location is equipped with everything to help you unload, sort, and weigh your recyclable metals quickly. With a 5ft floor scale and a full size truck scale we can weigh any load. We have 5 purchasing representatives on hand ready to help move you and your scrap through and on your way.

Offsite Service and Pick-Up

Our quality purchasing representatives will meet you at your location and provide competitive quotes.  After you have agreed with our competitive pricing, we can have our team of highly experienced engineers retrieve the material. We have no weight limit, although it may take multiple trips.

Roll-Off Bins

We can deliver and pick roll-off bins for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous anywhere in Norther Virginia. We have all sizes, from 20 to 70 cubic yards. It can be a one time service or, as with a number of our customers, an ongoing service. If you have more than 3,000 lbs, we provide the service for free.

Special Circumstances and Services

Don’t see a service listed? Do not hesitate to call.  We provide specialized and custom service all the time, and are sure we can fufil your scrapping and recycling needs.